French Horn  


Here is a Concerto for Horn and Orchestra which will be premiered in the Fall of 2018. Click HERE

About me:

Roger Ballenger has over 20 years experience playing the Horn at the professional level. He is former Principal Horn in the National Symphony of Panama, and has played with the American Symphony Orchestra (NYC), the Oakland Symphony, San Louis Obispo Philharmonic, the Santa Barbara Symphony woodwind quintet and various other professional ensembles. Roger is a retired military musician, and, from 1974-1976, was a member of the United States Armed Forces Bicentennial Band, Washington, DC.

Roger has soloed on Horn in over 15 different countries, and is currently working on a solo/ensemble album.

Roger is available for performance or instruction on Horn. Contact him by phone at (818) 895-6120 or via email:

French Horn Players are Proud!

BTW, this isn't me, it's just a cool picture.

Some examples of my playing:

Song_Of_The_Plains.mp3 “Song of the Plains” for Horn and Concert Band, Roger Ballenger, composer and soloist. (4.32 Mb)

Song of the Plains for Horn and Band Pdf File format.

whatar~3[1].mp3 “What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?” by Michel Legrand for Horn Quartet, arranged and played by Roger Ballenger (2.76 Mb)

Three Mozart Duets:

MozAlleg1.m4a - Allegro

MozAndante.m4a - Andante

MozAlleg3.m4a - Allegro


Ballenger Music, in North Hills, CA, primarily serves the Los Angeles/Southern California area.

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