Clara Rockmore Method for theremin

play along files


A  Downloadable PDF version of Clara Rockmore Method for Theremin(1) can be found at:

These are .mp3 play-along files for the Clara Rockmore Method for Theremin.

Each exercise corresponds to an exercise in her book. For example, 4_Ex_no5_6_beat_intro.mp3 is the 4th audio file presented, Exercise no 5 in the book, the legato version, with a 6 beat piano introduction. The piano introduction sounds the theremin’s first note of the exercise, in the tempo of the Exercise. After the introduction, the Theremin part is played by a string patch.

Happy Practicing!

01_Ex_no1_6 beat_intro.mp3 - Exercise no 1, Relative distance between notes (6 beat intro)

02_ Ex_no2_ 4 beat_intro.mp3 - Exercise no 2, Long Tones (4 beat intro)

03_Ex_no4_8_beat_Intro.mp3 - Exercise no 3, Study for the Left Hand (8 beat intro)

04_Ex_no5_6_Beat_Intro.mp3 - Exercise no 5, Positions 1,2 and 3, Legato (6 beat intro)

05_Ex_no6_6_beat_intro.mp3 - Exercise no 6, Positions 1,2 and 3, Staccato (6 beat intro)

*06_Ex_no7_8_beat_intro.mp3 - Exercise no 7, Position 1 to 3 directly, Legato (8 beat intro)

*07_Ex_no8_8_beat_intro.mp3- Exercise no 8, Position 1 to 3 directly, Staccato (8 beat intro)

08_Ex_no9_8_beat_intro.mp3 - Exercise no 9, Positions 1,2,3 and 4, Legato (8 beat intro)

09_Ex_no9_Stacatto.mp3 - Exercise no 9, Positions 1,2,3 and 4, Staccato (8 beat intro)

10_Ex_no10_8_beat_intro.mp3 - Exercise no 10, Octave Study, Staccato (8 beat intro)

11_Ex_no10_Legato_8 beat intro.mp3 - Exercise no 11, Octave Study, Legato (8 beat intro)

12_Ex_no11_4_beat_intro.mp3 - Exercise no 11, Quick Changes of Position (4 beat intro)

13_Ex_no12_8_beat_intro.mp3 - Exercise no 12, Daily Warm up exercise (8 beat intro)

* for musicality’s sake, I added three notes to the ends of these exercises (re, si and do) - All files compressed - All files, accompaniment only

Practice Suggestions

I suggest alternating between versions with the theremin part and versions without the theremin part. For example, you could download these files, make a CD (or a playlist) of “with” version, then make a CD (or playlist) of the “without” version.

(1)This method was transcribed and revised by David Miller and Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson.

Please make note of the agreement on the site regarding use.

(n.b. I did not include Exercise no.3, as it is supposed to consist of random tones)